Two Simple Ways To Improve your Intimate Relationship

Do you often skip sex because you are either tired, not in the mood or busy with a million of other things? I guess this situation is familiar to many couples. Time became the most precious treasure of this century. More and more often it does not let us squeeze anything in our busy schedule, not talking about intimacy and true connection with our partners.

However, I believe – stress is over-exaggerated. In reality we got used to life in such a tempo at work, with children, with social activities and hobbies, so it seems we can clearly deal with it all if introduced to a bit of organization. But what about intimacy and love life? Why do we set it aside all the time and never seem to prioritize this indeed important area of our lives.

The secret to including a lovemaking in your busy schedule is to PLAN in advance! Yes! As boring and obvious as it sounds, it definitely works! We all want romance just to happen, spontaneously, out of nowhere. But guess what? Being overwhelmed after a busy day at work, kids and other daily chores, the last thing you would think about is a candlelit evening with your loved one. However, if that was already inbuilt in your plans, and somewhere at the back of your mind you just knew it was going to happen tonight, you would be mentally and physically prepared to it, and hopefully excited as well! :)

Do not hesitate to discuss this with your partner and agree on satisfying each other’s needs in the best possible way. We all are different and have different preferences and needs for intimacy and connection. Being aware of those differences between you and your partner is already half way to mutual understanding and harmonized intimate relationship. Many people, especially men often exaggerate their sex needs and complain that their wives do not want it as often. But if they talked about this openly and showed the willingness to know their partner better, they would always be able to come up with a compromise solution that works best for both partners. There is no other way to find out what your partner wants than just ask. Most importantly, not to criticise, but stay on a positive note, saying what you already like in your love life and what you would like more of. Dare to share your own desires and ask what you can do for her to satisfy her needs.

Those two simple principles can significantly improve the quantity and more importantly the quality of your intimate relationship.