Importance of Daily Rituals

A lot has been said about the importance of emotional connection between the two people in love. It almost creates an invisible co-dependency. If your partner is in a bad mood or feeling low, it easily affects you without you even noticing and the same is true the other way around. Unfortunately a negative state often wins.

That’s why we need to remember that instead of dragging each other down, we need to keep this connection in a positive state and only give our soulmate the best of ourselves and be ready to receive the same in return. As nothing else makes the relationship fulfilled the same way as the ability to share the positive emotions with each other. Here are two steps you can take today to make your relationship stronger and happier.

  • There are four crucial moments during the day – when you wake up, before you leave home, when you come back, and before you go to sleep1. Create some rituals or habits around these four times of the day, remind each other of your love and appreciation. It can be anything from a casual kiss, touch or hug to the words “I love you”. It is important to have such routine so it makes you closer to one another and helps forget any disagreements you might have. Those 4 moments in the daily life are great points of connection and positive energy exchange. If you feel low, let your partner lift you up, let go of any worries and just be present together.
    When you reconnect after a long day at work, you would feel a comfort and safety of your loving relationship, which gives you the power to recharge your exhausted self and begin a new day from a more beautiful place than you would if you stayed upset or unhappy about anything.
  • Do something special for your partner on no occasion. Even though it sounds obvious, we often put it aside for far too long, waiting for anything special or significant to happen. According to Jonathan Robinson, author of “Communication miracles for Couples”2 this simple ritual has a great impact on the relationship. Not only it changes the mood at that moment, but it also scores you positive points in your partner’s eyes (which you then can use in your advantage :) ). Try and start from something small, cook a dinner for her, or buy him a beer after work, or wear a nice dress just for him. Whatever you think makes your partner happy, do it every day, little thing at a time. It all counts.

Book reference:

“How to improve your marriage without talking about it” Patricia Love, Steven Stosny “Communication miracles for couples” Jonathan Robinson