Love Unboxed: the Untold Stories of True Transformation

Humanity’s best way to learn has always been through a story. We hear many stories every day, some of them simply go past our ears, but some touch us deeply, make our heart beat quicker and take our breath away. Those are the stories we most resonate with, those that make us realise we’ve been in the same situation, we’ve made the same mistakes, and we’ve learnt the same lessons. That’s why sharing our stories connects and empowers us. It gives us a feeling of belonging and lets us feel in piece with who we are and what’ve been through. At times, sharing our story with the world can be the only way to the long overdue relief and helps us let go of that massive weight from our shoulders.  

I learnt to make friends with my story only recently, when I started speaking about love and intimate relationship from stage. I never thought I would be able to share my inner fears and insecurities with my audience, but having done so, has set me free and let me inspire others to do the same.  

Love Unboxed has given us the opportunity to find our voices and speak up about what troubles us most, relationship with our significant others. When we are in love, we are our most vulnerable selves, and often put our needs second in order to make others happy. We try so hard to be perfect girlfriends, wives and mothers, adjusting and shaping ourselves depending on what everybody else thinks of us and don’t notice how we become victims of our own “love trap”, unable to see the escape.

This book is a collection of 20 women’s stories, who have been courageous and strong enough to find the way out of their situation, who learnt to love themselves and created a beautiful loving environment around them. They stepped into their feminine power, turning their past experiences into the great lessons of life.

By sharing those life lessons, we want to encourage women in similar situations to find the strength and belief in themselves. We want to show them that there is hope and a possibility of making the real change in their lives.

Having read Love Unboxed, they will know someone understands their pain, and they are not alone.  With that they can find the inspiration to overcome any challenges, grow and become their best authentic selves.