Everyday Aphrodisiacs

Heightened sexual appetites are not a problem for everyone...if one were to believe everything they read, you would think that people walk around all the time only thinking of sex in some way. While this might be true to an extent, that sex is never far from the mind, sometimes people need a helping hand to get in the mood.

With so many distractions in today’s modern world like smartphones, social media and other technologies, not forgetting increased work pressures, romance can wane a little.

That’s why it can be a nice idea to weave some aphrodisiacs into your diet and the diet of your partner and see what impact it has...you don’t have much to lose...and a lot of fun to gain!

This info-graphic from Carvaka Sex Toys highlights those foods that can heighten our desires without us even being aware of it. It also shows some foods that can have the opposite affect also...Check it out!