Are love letters out of date?

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In youth I enjoyed writing letters to my family (while away at university), actually mostly to my grandma, or perhaps no one else wanted to read them. But it was a two way amusement, she used to send me long letters in response. My grandma always taught me the power of written words, the energy and positive feelings that reading brings. I liked her reading loud the letters from my grandpa to her when they were young. I was very pleased with love and tenderness they put in each word. It meant a lot to me and used to touch me to tears even though I knew little about love in that age. I remember dreaming about my future “prince”, and hoping that one day he would write me such letters, filling the words with the beauty of love just the same way as my grandpa did.

As the years went by I actually never came back to those thoughts. Only now as these memories arise I realise – this is exactly what happened to me. My prince (i.e. now my husband) and I met on vacation, not only in a different city to ours, but in a different country. Which made a few following years a little complicated. We started writing letters! With only difference to my grandparent’s time – these were actually emails. The technology opened a whole new world of love on distance. Before I would not imagine meeting someone who lives a thousand miles away just for one day and still being able to make the dating work and have a strong relationship afterwards. Only though it was not a typical dating, it was online. Everything we did for the following few months was sitting in front of our computers and talking for hours and hours long (no touching!). It was fun, an adventure and a huge struggle at the same time. During the day or when not able to join an evening online session we were writing emails, sometimes about 10-15 per day. Nothing like my grandparents would cope with. Every little detail mattered at the time, we wanted to share our entire worlds with each other while not taking any physical part in them.

Looking back I appreciate that time a lot, there was a lot feeling in it, care for one another and infinite desire to be together. It was one big goal for both of us to pursue which made us so close. It was a great life test for both of us to pass. Not the most pleasant one at the times, but likely successful.

As we go along we try to never forget that exciting experience we had, and we still keep a habit of daily emails, maybe in a slightly different genre, but still with pleasure.

Recently for our anniversary my husband made a nice surprise for me, he printed off a few months worth of our emails that looked almost like a serious size book. We had a fun night reading them out loud to each other! Those are definitely worth keeping and coming back to from time to time. Given that storage is much simpler these days, only a few megabytes on our computer versus a few shelves in my grandma’s drawer.