How to Deal With Stress and Experience More Joy in Daily Life


Mood is such a tricky thing to understand, and even harder so to control. There is no magic way of affecting it, let along instantly changing it to a positive state. Yet, some people seem to be always happy, while others spend most of their time mumbling and complaining with no particular reason. So, what’s the difference? And is it possible to decide what mood you want to be in in any particular moment in time. The answer is – yes, it is not only possible, but is relatively simple to achieve.

  • All you need to do is shift the focus. And I do not mean believing in some non-existing forces to influence your life, but simply being in control of your own mind. Think about how bad day at work feels like, if anything unpleasant happened, how you would spend hours and hours going through this situation in your thoughts, repeating it, thinking of a different outcomes, if you said or did anything differently. The thing is, it is impossible to change the past, therefore there is no reason to focus on it so much that it makes you feel miserable and unworthy in the present. Now, imagine if you could just forget about the negative experience a moment after it happened. Wouldn’t it feel freeing and exciting? It definitely would. So, all you need to do is simply shift the focus from the largeness of the negativity in the past to the beauty of positivity waiting for you in the future. It makes a big difference to your own perception of life as well as affecting others around you, especially your loved ones.

  • Another important shift on the way to a better mood is learning to accept everything happening around us. Acceptance creates serenity and clarity. Once the situation has happened, we cannot change much about it, therefore there is nothing to worry or be stressed about. However, we can change the future and make a decision now to do something to avoid this unpleasant situation happening again. The ability to look at life this way provides certainty and stability, which reduces stress level and creates free space to feel in with happiness and joy from existence in a moment, right here, right now. Learning how to reduce your stress level and that of your partner will have a great effect on your relationship. You should learn to be always there for each other, to be able to soothe and comfort one another in tough times and provide support when needed. Only once you know that in your relationship you have a safe space to relax, leave all worries outside and be present with your loved one, the positive changes will begin, creating harmony and happiness in your life.