How to Face Another Christmas Bridget Jones Style

How to Face Another Christmas Bridget Jones Style


The year is quickly moving to an end and you are soon to face another Christmas dinner with the family being all curious about your private life. Which… well, doesn’t particularly exist at the moment.

Maybe you’d dated someone this year, but it didn’t work out, or you decided to give up on dating all together and wait for something magical to happen. Whatever your situation is, the last thing you want is having to explain yourself to a curious crowd of relatives. Worst case scenario, they might even try to set you up with someone. Although that DOES sound terrible, it actually turned out quite well for Bridget!

Anyway, I decided to do some research on how good or bad being single at Christmas might feel. The Internet is full of ideas why being single around this time of the year is actually great. The top reasons are:

  • You’d have to buy less presents

  • You won’t need to deal with your in-laws

  • You don’t have to choose which family to spend the holiday season with.

Yes, all of this makes sense, but, I believe, what makes a big difference is how you personally feel about being single (at Christmas or any other time of the year). Does your “status” bother you that much that it will show on your forehead straight away when you enter the room, or are you able to relax, enjoy yourself and prove to everyone (yourself included) that you are having the time of your life? 

And to truly have a great time during holiday season, I’ve got a few ideas for you to explore: 

·       Organise your own Christmas party

Be the star of the night. If you have a lot of single friends, you might call it a “Singles only” night, or go for a mixed audience. Whichever one you choose, throwing a party will give a boost to your creativity, set the holiday mood and keep you away from sad thoughts.

·       Contribute to a good cause and give back

Volunteering for a good cause around Christmas time is a great way to contribute and give back to society. Caring for others makes us feel much better, also you might realise your own situation is not too bad after all...

·       Allocate time to yourself

What can be better than cuddling into a warm blanket with a great book to read? Even being single, you probably rarely allow time for yourself, as there are too many priorities in life, a career to build, family to take care of, friends to give a hand to. Use this holiday season to relax and nurture yourself.

·       Don’t take yourself too seriously

Yes, it might be tricky to answer all those questions about why your prince Charming got lost on his way, but make a joke out of it, find positive sides of it; life is not so bad after all.

·       Take time to reflect on your past year and dream big for the future

Being single means you don’t have to accommodate anyone’s plans, so commit to making your long postponed dreams come true.

·       Buy a gift for yourself

You will most probably get a lot of presents from family and friends, but as you don’t have a significant other, you can treat yourself with something you’ve always wanted and never had a chance to buy.

Holiday season is about having fun, so do not let the bad mood to creep in, take it easy and enjoy.