How Not to Screw Up in 2018?

Girl Dreaming Bad.jpg

As this year comes to an end, we are looking forward to the next one with even greater hopes and aspirations! What will 2018 bring us? Is it going to be better than 2017? What changes are waiting for us just around the corner? Exciting, isn’t it?

Thinking of this, I believe there are two types of people: the dreamers, those who hope something good is about to happen and are happily greeting the changes (although they aren’t necessarily doing anything toward them); and the planners, those who not only believe something good is going to happen, but also plan for it to happen. I belong to the second type. I’ve been planning everything all my life. Although, life is still full of surprises, I’ve learnt to plan for them too!

What about you? How would you describe yourself, the dreamer or the planner, or perhaps, a little bit of both?

Neither of the two is better or worse, it is just the way we are and shows what feels most comfortable for us. Either way, we all want our dreams / plans to come true in the new year.  

However, when it comes to romantic relationships, many of us (even planners), become the dreamers. We leave it to luck, assuming if we were meant to meet “the one”, one day he is going to show up.

But what about giving your destiny a hand with finding your Mr. Right? Using the below ideas, you can significantly improve your chances of having your dream relationship next year.

1.       Become aware of your thinking

Whether you believe in “law of attraction” or “positive thinking” or whatever name you give it, the truth is your thoughts do affect your life. Your thoughts are effectively the stories you are telling yourself, and the longer your listen to them, the more you start trusting them, and turn them into set-in-stone beliefs. And your beliefs in turn affect your behaviour and how you present yourself to the world. For example, if, when you meet men, you think none of them deserves your attention, it slowly becomes a statement, and turns into a pattern of you noticing only men who are not worthy of your attention. You prove your point to yourself over and over again, and then act from your belief, giving no chance to any guy approaching you. To break such pattern, you need to firstly become aware of it, and then replace it with a positive statement. For example, what is there were a lot of good guys out there, worthy of my attention? Give it a try and you’ll see the difference.

2.       Trust a little planning is going to help

Yes, you cannot plan to meet the man of your dreams on Tuesday at 5pm, at the bus stop. But… you can look at your life routine as of now, and see whether there is a space in it for a man? Or is even one thought of someone coming into your house and possibly drinking tea from your cup makes you dread it? Or is your daily routine organised in a way to avoid any possible contact with a handsome stranger? You get the point. You can give it some thought. Are you emotionally ready for a relationship? Would you like to share your life with someone and be happy about it? Or are you expecting him to tip toe around your routine (career, business, whatever that might be on your agenda)?  

Whichever one is your case, try to plan for expanding your social network, be open to possibilities of meeting people and you’ll have more chances of meeting “the one”.

3.       Whatever you’re doing, do not give up!

Whatever your experience with past relationships, worst case scenario is for you to give up on love and let yourself believe you are not worthy of it. If you had any particularly bad experience in the past, you need to allow time (and maybe use some help) to heal yourself. But do not stop believing in love. You deserve to be in a healthy, happy relationship. Being in a loving connection with another person, makes us into better people and lets us discover sides of our souls we weren’t ever aware of. When we feel a strong support of our partners, we aspire for greater achievements and become fulfilled as the result. Remember, it is never too late to give yourself a second chance.

I wish you all the best in 2018 and may all your dreams come true (maybe with a little planning)!