Why Are We Staying in the Non-Working relationship? Stop Coming Up With Excuses!

Whether your partner doesn’t show up to a date, forgets about your birthday, or has no time for you at all, stop coming up with excuses of his busyness, tiredness or whatever it might be. He or she is just irresponsible and not attentive enough therefore is not worth your pain.

There is no reason for you to fall a victim to the circumstances and accept someone treating you worth than you deserve. Most of the time people with lower self-esteem or many failures in the past relationships are ready to sacrifice anything for the next one to work, even if it means letting yourself down and agree to much less than they were dreaming about.

We think we know our partner well enough and believe in him, in his future improvements and successes, but time flies and nothing changes. You hear the same stories and promises, keep fighting about the same issues, and it looks like a never-ending cycle. While the thing is, we often mistakenly fall in love with our partner’s potential but not with the reality. We convince ourselves that he is capable of much more than he does, and maybe he indeed is, but he doesn’t want to do anything about it.  

There is no such thing like “changing someone” until he wants to change himself. Many people, and more so women, tend to overlook this unfortunate fact and assume their love and care would make wonders happen. While it simply is not true. We are who we are and we want to be loved for this, and not for what we might become one day. It works both ways – you don’t want to push someone in the direction they don’t want to go as you don’t want to be pushed.

However, growing together, working on your self’s and relationship’s development is something different and does work if both partners are fully committed to it.

But, before making a commitment to another person, make sure you are in harmony with yourself, you have healthy self-esteem, ambitious future and appetite for life. As firstly, you have to learn how to be in love with yourself and then fall in love with someone else.