What is relationship coaching?

Relationship coaching is designed to help you uncover the routes of the problems in your relationship or if you are single – understand the reasons why your past relationship did not work. Working with me, you will define a clear direction to your dream marriage or partnership and learn how to create and maintain a greater love and trust with your significant other. 

 It work not only for people who have problems in their relationship, but also for those who want to develop and grow together as a couple.

Coaching is for you if

  • You feel your relationship lacks the spark it had in the beginning and it became challenging and frustrating
  • You and your partner find yourselves in a constant disagreement
  • You feel like your partner does not understand you
  • It feels like you are on your own in your marriage
  • You want to recover your diminished self-esteem neglected in the past relationship that did not work
  • You want to learn how to resolve conflicts and overcome misunderstandings in your relationship
  • You want to make your romantic relationship more fulfilling and joyful
  • You want to experience a deeper emotional connection with your partner, share romantic time together and return the sparks
  • You want to bring more excitement into your daily life and realise your dreams together as a couple


How It Works

  • Relationship is a long term process and even if there is no deadline here, there is always a room for improvement
  • Relationship coaching is a series of face to face or Skype sessions aiming to guide you towards your dream relationship
  • Coaching sessions will give you the opportunity to better understand yourself, become more clear about your relationship goals and define the ways to achieve them
  • Once we had an introduction conversation, we define your long term goals together and design a specific coaching package for your needs
  • Usually coaching takes from 3 to 6 months, depending on your desired outcome, but it is also possible to have individual sessions to support you on your journey
  • You can either attend the sessions together with your partner or on your own
  • Face to face sessions take place in central London