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Victoria Calvo
Author of "Independence ties". A novel about an indomitable woman who fought in the War of Independence.
“Each story pierced me, I was in a connection that went beyond letters and longings, a link drawn by women I did not know. When they read their experiences, these women were more than a few companions, they became great friends who taught me the eternal lesson that femininity is a long unfinished book, an adventure that deserves to be lived, a journey to the center of the person who beats inside each one of us. Love Unboxed is more than a romantic novel, it represents the incredible experience of being a woman”.

About the Co-Author

Olga is a highly skilled Relationship Coach, qualified by Animas coaching school and accredited by Coaching Standards Authority. She works with couples and singles to achieve their ultimate relationship goals and enjoy happier lives with their loved ones. Olga’s coaching complies with highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and quality of service.

Her passion for understanding the human behaviour and men-women relationship dynamics started from a personal development journey and willingness to be in a great marriage herself.  While later her curiosity pulled her into studying the subject deeper and with higher intensity.


Olga Frankow

Relationship Coach, Blogger, Speaker

What Other Women Are Saying

Fiona Clark,  Midlife Mentor and Life Coach,UK

Fiona Clark
Life Coach UK

A powerful book of courage, passion and never ending search for the love within. With women who have lived, loved and lived life to the full.
These women found their scared heart, their essence, became whole again. It was like they are reborn
Nosipho Kabeni  Meta-Coach, South Africa

Nosipho Kabeni
South Africa

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