Helen, Professional 

Olga is skilled in listening and helping you to look at yourself and your situations, question old self beliefs and replace them with new valuable ones. Her focus is relationships and working with couples as well as individuals. She helped me to focus on me and not my relationship with my partner or children, revaluing myself and making relationship issues so much easier to talk about and find resolutions.

Maria, Designer

I would totally recommend Olga! She has been a delight throughout our sessions! From the first moment she made me feel very comfortable which was very important in order for me to share my experiences and start an honest effort to change my life. She made me realize how important enjoying every moment is and how much I was missing because of stress, pressure and anxiety. She is very trustworthy and she creates a safe environment to talk and discuss deeper thoughts and feelings that I personally would have struggled with.

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Ana, Personal Trainer 

Olga is a very good listener. She is able to reword what has just been said and repeat it in such manner so i could feel understood. Her follow up questions were spot on.  She also gave me some thinking points to work on to prepare for the next session.